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Sr. Manager Staff Engagement and Culture Development

Req #: CNX00046066
Location: Pittsford, NY US
Job Category: Shared Services & HR Ops
This document reflects the major elements and responsibilities of the Sr. Manager, Staff Engagement and Culture Development position and is not designed to be prescriptive in nature. Thus, expect to undertake other duties in addition to those identified. Position is required to always align their behaviors with the Concentrix Culture.
Reports to: VP Global Staff Engagement & Culture Development
Business Unit: HR; Employee Matters
Team Objectives and Expectations:
Be the Experts; Know the Expertise      
Establish Credibility; Be Essential Thought Leaders
Provide Visibility: The Insight and the Why’s     
Innovate; Better Process, Advance Engaging Technologies
Key Responsibilities:
Establish and drive employee feedback and communication through multiple channels to strengthen connections. Collaborate and assist in the creation of organizational development strategies focusing on leadership and team building, inclusive of measurable outcomes.
Leverage employee feedback and organisational awareness to generate insight and identify primary focus areas that drive strong employee engagement.
Drive Actions and initiatives that build and strengthen the Concentrix culture across all regions.
Review and align key policies and practices to the Concentrix 3V operating philosophy and Culture. Be organized and accountable for the successful end-to-end program management and delivery of staff engagement and culture development projects.
Design and Facilitate initiatives and programs that demonstrate our strategic focus on Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace.
Partner with staff, leadership and marketing to communicate the impact various company policies, procedures, programs, laws, standards, and government regulations have on staff engagement and culture development.
Qualifications, Experience and Skills:
Strong leadership, influencing, collaboration and partnership skills, working with executives in relationship management across all organizational business units. 
Proven success in Human Resource functions. Significant services - consulting experience and exceptional strategic planning skills. Proven track record in positively designing and implementing change management processes in complex and sensitive circumstances.
Ability to understand staff needs and perceptions, turning those insights into effective engagement programs.
Demonstrated experience in conflict resolution and negotiations that required high level
communication and planning to achieve successful outcomes.
Excellent interpersonal and presentation skills to positively build effective working relationships, drive engagement, motivate staff, and influence culture.
  • Refines and optimizes staff interactions to produce desired outcomes.
  • Work in close collaboration with other internal teams to identify and prioritize staff experience projects - (fail fast, fail often, fail cheaply).
  • Own and develop metric and measurement techniques that will enable Concentrix to constantly and consistently measure the staff engagement levels.
Organizational Goals and Objectives:
Increase staff Retention
Decrease in unscheduled Absenteeism
Improvement in Engaged Staff Survey participation levels and results
Improve NPS – Client SAT and Retention
Increase revenue & sales growth
Increase and sustain double digit Operating Income: Shareholder Return
Decrease Healthcare cost through improved Wellness
Increase in Productivity and Safety
Positional Goals:
What we are expected to accomplish and the associated goals are more an art than science. Firmly believe following, living and influencing everyone we are in contact with about our culture will absolutely lead us to success. Our team needs to be nimble and passionate while always leading by example.
Demonstrate Culture while building an organization based on “Engaged Culture Catalysts”.
Project Management:
  • Projects will be assigned quarterly.
    • Developing a strategy for project implementation and sustainability, including how we will measure success.
    • Projects to have start and implementation dates agreed to in advance. Measurements: Successfully implementing project on time and with measurable expectations.
    • Measure and track expected outcomes.
    • Thought Leadership and Expertise:
  • Develop one thought leadership content per month which aligns to our team objectives on a quarterly basis. Content to be shared with Global staff.
  • Help build our Engagement brand. Identify awards and recognitions associated with Staff Engagement or Culture Development.
  • Measurement: Content and timelines. Assume we will also obtain the desired recognition or award.
  • Approach every day with the expectation you will accomplish only value based initiatives aligned to progress our team objectives. If what you are doing is not creating value for our staff (our primary charter), our clients, their customers or our shareholders – refocus immediately.
  • Demonstrate a positive can do attitude. Reach out across the team for motivation and guidance when presented with challenges. We must be a cohesive and caring team.
  • There will be times where priorities change. We must be respectful when change happens while always being agents of change.
  • Always take time to listen to others point of view.
  • Do not complicate processes or communications.
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