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Solutions Architect

Req #: CNX00047215
Location: , US
Job Category: Solutions
A Solutions Architect specializing in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) CRM Solutions (Front and Back Office). Primarily responsible for the design, costing and documentation of Front and Back Office CRM BPO solutions in their particular area of industry expertise.
Business Process Outsourcing combines process, people, and technology transformation with an outsourced delivery model to create significant client business value.  Our Front and Back Office CRM BPO solutions are intended to allow clients to gain transformational benefits and excellence by accessing our process and technology expertise, as well as our established global delivery footprint , that provide innovation, automation, scale, and leverage that cannot be obtained within the walls of their own organization. The outsourcing model to support these services builds on a proven three-tier ‘best shoring’ delivery architecture that provides a flexible, scalable, and leverage-able network of people, applications, and infrastructure to support the varying needs of large, complex, multinational companies.

Job Description:                      
This roles report directly to the Senior Solutions Director for the Americas. As part of proposal development you will be responsible for leading and designing CRM (or Sector specific) solutions for Concentrix existing or prospective clients. In this capacity, you will often manage ad-hoc solution/proposal teams bringing together experience from across the different areas of the Concentrix business. Beyond this coordination role, it is however important to note that this role is a very hands-on role which will require your personal contribution to the detailed design of the proposed solutions, in particular with respect to the solution elements requiring expertise in the following areas : business processes, automation strategies, workforce management and work transition from clients to Concentrix and outsourcing operations.
Solution development covers the following areas:-
  • Understanding of client requirements and scope definition
  • Development of high level business case scenarios
  • Digital strategies that drive automation
  • Use of our CPT tool for solution development, cost, and pricing
  • Definition of the proposed service delivery model (incl. technical architecture, governance, organization design etc.)
  • Evaluation of transformation potential and savings
  • Transition strategy definition and planning
  • Business Case development and coordination
  • Costing of the overall solution
  • Client presentations
    The Front and Back Office CRM Solutions Architect will be required to have a broad set of experience, inclusive of SECTOR expertise along with significant experience in multiple process areas.
    The person in this role will also be expected to provide process expertise and leadership to Geo Delivery Process Leaders/Architects to enable service delivery teams to deploy best practice vision and advice on recommended changes/process improvements to migrate clients to a standardized/optimized global process design.
    The role will require regular interactions with prospective clients, in the form of workshops, meetings etc. Although these roles are not strictly speaking Business Development roles, they form an integral and key part of the sales team assigned to a specific deal.
    The role may have regular travel throughout the globe when propositions are put together for global organizations on a global scale.
    Experience:            (M=Mandatory, H=Highly Desirable)                 
    1. Industry knowledge
  • 5 years + in their specified Sector ( if sector knowledge is required)
    2. Solution design
  • Practical experience of designing or delivering CRM Solutions, usually focused around a Back Office, and/or associated front office/call centre where relevant to the process (H)
  • Market insights/trends and competitive landscape, specifically around the technology applied i.e. Process Automation / Straight Through Processing (H)
  • Knowledge of process modeling and Six Sigma experience a plus (M)
  • Ability to develop solutions within a complex operational environment (H)
  • Practical Experience of managing business transformation with demonstrable improvements in process (H)
  • Proven knowledge of transition management and the ability to execute large scale transitions of work process to separate businesses or locations (M)
    3. Communication and Consulting skills
  • Strong leadership and communication skills required (will participate in senior finance sales activities) (H)
  • Strong Project Management Skills (H)
  • Experience with interfacing with senior banking executives, in sales, products and operations, across multiple companies required, and in several countries (M)
  • Strong team management/networking abilities bringing together groups from different areas of the business(H)
  • Proven knowledge of transition management and the ability to execute large scale transitions of work process to separate businesses or locations (M)
  • Fluent English Mandatory and a second Language is highly desirable (H)
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