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Concentrix Announces Second Annual Career Day

1,000+ Opportunities. 20+ Locations. One Company, One Concentrix!


March 21st and 22nd


Last year, we met nearly 2,000 visitors and performed over 400 face-to-face interactions (walk-ins and on-the-spot interviews) nationwide.


Now in 2018, we are bringing this great opportunity to your local area again. Your success matters. Join a diverse, global organization and find your Concentrix career today. Together we win!

Career Day Information:

No Registration Needed - Bring Resume
Find a Career Day Fair near you and their participating hours


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Concentrix Career Day with us 


There are always opportunities for growth and development regardless of your role.

Concentrix is flexible. I can have my personal life while still having a job. It's easy because they off a lot of training. It's fun because everybody here is great and personable.

We have an open and accepting environment there's no pressure to conform.

From the moment you walk in you know the person who's in front of you is going yo be doing the best job they can and you know that that person cares about you as well.

What's different about working for Concentrix is the people. We strive for welcome and for a feeling of teamwork but what we've achieved is an atmosphere of family.