Content Specialist - Managua

Managua, Nicaragua

Content Specialist:

Reporting to the Employment Branding Leader-The Content Specialist directs content and audience trends, develops content strategies, and creates content for a variety of businesses in digital media. The main goal is to achieve superior audience engagement and intimacy, website traffic and conversion by strategically exploiting all aspects of the social media marketing roadmap from the awareness to consideration and conversion stage. 



·         Develops and manages a regional content strategy to position Concentrix + Webhelp in the local markets by following the social media funnel, from the awareness to the conversion stage

·         Brings Employment Branding Campaigns to life through non-conventional & appealing content.

·         Narrates creative stories to our audience that explain what is a #gamechanger life through meaningful content such as: webinars, podcasts, live shows, etc.

·         Research content and consumer trends to ensure that content is relevant and appealing to the target audience.

·         Manages #gamechanger ambassadors’ program to build a digital community of #gamechangers

·         Leads User-Generated content strategies and engages with our internal community

·         Creates content for a variety of platforms including blogs, websites, and social media.

·         Meets with the creative, marketing, and design team to ideate and define content goals and pillars following our core values and EVP

·         Manages content calendars and ensures that the content remains consistent across all platforms.

·         Tracks consumer and content analytics and generates reports and presentations.

·         Keeps up to date with content trends, consumer preferences, and advancements in technology

·         Promotes our events, programs, services and tools through our social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

·         Coordinates content production (video, images, etc.) with the marketing team and our internal design team.

You will be successful if you are:

·          A storyteller at heart, capable of shifting between a variety of writing styles: technical, informative, emotional, creative, and corporate

·          An archaeologist. You craft authentic and compelling stories that resonate with audiences in the BPO industry

·         A creative soul who enjoys the challenges of finding the right combination of words and phrases to create meaningful content.

·         A role-player capable of adjusting voice and tone to match a brand’s personality: serious, humorous, informative, inspiring, and entertaining

·         An excellent written communicator – you understand prose, poetry, and rhetorical devices to deliver compelling and engaging content.

·         Comfortable interviewing people to get to the bottom of a story.

·         Comfortable in a fast-paced, demanding environment that requires eagle-eye focus and extreme attention to detail.

·         A highly motivated self-starter with strong organizational and time management skills.

·         A critical thinker who enjoys writing content that engages, excites, entertains, and informs.

·         A good listener and willing to take direction.

Essential Functions: (describe job responsibilities necessary to achieve the position’s purpose)




Essential Functions and Duties

Approximate % of Total Job





Writing, editing, publishing, and promoting messaging and new content

Generating, researching, and pitching ideas for content

Defining content pillars and formats following the content roadmap: awareness, consideration & conversion

Creates content for the social media platforms: videos for TikTok, YouTube, interviews with associates, writes scripts etc.

Inviting other bloggers, experts, or other notable guests to contribute content to the website

Staying current on industry trends for possible opportunities to attract new readers or create stronger, more engaging content

Analyzing web analytics date to gauge content performance







Build and grow the #gamechangers digital community and assign content tasks to promote externally.

Engage and motivate associates to create and share organic content to present the Concentrix + Webhelp Experience




Coordinates content production (video, images, etc.) with the local marketing team and the internal design team.
Learns about new formats, new features, and trendy social media styles that adapt to our branding story

Request social media toolkit for the regional engagement campaigns: banners, covers, videos, gifs, etc



Other Functions: (describe job responsibilities important to the job but not necessary to achieving the position’s purpose)




Other Functions and Duties

Approximate % of Total Job




Propose trendy topics to promote online events and position our corporate identity:

·         Define topics for social media live shows

·         Write Scripts and Outline for webinars/lives etc.

·         Request visual production to the design team: timer, backgrounds, video animation etc.

·         Prepare promotion for social media- manage it on the editorial calendar

NA- depending on current needs



Create content and rough material for regional engagement campaigns

Identify new ways of building out-of-the box campaigns to build long-term relationships with the audience




Ensure there is a content calendar to promote current career opportunities using the different social media platforms.

Suggest content & social media ads, provide feedback, and make recommendations if needed

Follow up on demand-gen & leads pipeline