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We've created a culture where exceptional people, just like you, can build the career they've always imagined. Join us.
Hi, we're Concentrix.
We help the world's best brands deliver exceptional customer experience (CX). Online, over the phone, in the cloud, and beyond—wherever customers are, we're there. 

Our global staff have devoted their careers to ensuring every customer relationship is exceptional. So naturally, we're committed to making Concentrix the best place to grow a career, too.

Build your best tomorrow

We ask staff to give us their best, and we're committed to doing the same. 

Global Community

With 290k+ staff across more than 40 countries, our business is borderless. That means you'll have the support, confidence, and platform that comes with a truly global team. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


​​​​​​​We support 750+ of the world's best brands and dream up the CX tech and innovations of tomorrow. With 100+ clients on the Fortune Global 500 list, we are the future of CX.​​​​​​​

We have the platform and responsibility to deliver massive impacts for our clients, staff, and the world through our ESG commitments. We're committed to building a better tomorrow.​​​​​​​


As a five billion-dollar publicly traded company (CNXC), we know that when we put our people first, business thrives. You'll find the runway and resources to build the career you've always imagined.

What is CX?

Customer Experience (CX) is all the ways a customer connects with a company and how they perceive those interactions.
Whether you're a seasoned CX pro, or are just looking to get started in the industry, we're happy you're here. 

Our culture

Our culture is embedded in everything we do, and from the moment you join the team, you'll experience its power.

Although we speak many langauges and come from different backgrounds across the globe, we all share one thing in common—our culture.