Live your career in Spain!

Say hi to your new lifestyle

You’ll find it all here. Lakes, mountains, and valleys. Countryside, islands, and natural parks. Cosmopolitan cities and quaint fishing villages. If legendary filmmakers, artists, architects, athletes, and millions of expats have called Spain their home, there is something here for you too.

Food and drinks

  • Combo meal in a fast-food restaurant €8
  • Lunchtime menu with a drink €12
  • 3-course meal in a mid-range restaurant €50
  • Domestic beer €2.50

Monthly expenses

  • Utility bills for a 1-bedroom apartment €124
  • 4G mobile phone plan €20
  • High-speed Internet (up to 940 Mbps) €36
  • Chain store clothing item €29

City transport

  • One-way ticket (public means) €1.40
  • Monthly pass (public means) €40
  • Taxi (tariff per 1km) €1.10
  • Estimated Uber trip (10km) €30

Sports and leisure

  • Cinema ticket €9
  • Monthly gym membership €45
  • Escape room session/person €22
  • Cocktail drink in a downtown club €13

Working in Spain

Many foreigners still fantasize about Spanish siestas. That might be the case on weekends or holidays and for some industries like retail and hospitality. However, most employees in multinational corporations work 40 hours/week with a 1- or 2-hour lunch break/day. Overtime is paid with a premium or compensated with extra days off.

Work culture in Spain follows the Western European model, with a focus on results and a splash of fun too! The office atmosphere is vibrant, multicultural, dynamic, and very engaging.

Your life in Spain

I have some concerns about moving to a new country I don’t know. What is the experience like?

Whether for personal or professional reasons, moving to a new country is always a challenging but exciting experience. Our HR Department is here to support you and answer all your questions. And we understand how you feel because most of our game-changers are brave expats just like you.

With more than 6 million foreign-born nationals, Spain is one of the most expat-friendly and desirable countries to live in. And Barcelona is Spain’s number one magnet for students, digital nomads, freelancers, and full-time employees who want to live in a vibrant city. The mild Mediterranean climate, tapas, and beer help too.

It’s easy to find your way around in Spanish and English. You will receive valuable information on what to do before and upon your arrival directly from us. Spain is a multinational hub that offers many possibilities to meet people and quickly make friends with stories you can relate to.

Is it difficult and expensive to find a flat in the city?

We will support you in this process and advise you on what areas are best suited to your needs and expectations. Our HR team will provide you with information and documents that will guide you through all our wonderful and diverse neighborhoods. Because we’ve been through this ourselves, too, we’d be happy to share tips, tricks, websites, and other resources.

It’s best to go through a few reliable real estate agencies because, in our city, almost everyone finds rentals through them. As a city renowned for its high quality of life, Barcelona is very desirable to expats like you. There are a lot of flats and rooms on offer for all budgets, but they do rent fast, so be quick!

Here’s a great tip: many game-changers use their workmate network to find a room in a shared flat. It’s the simplest and easiest way!

When searching for housing, it is important to schedule viewings as soon as possible and bring all the necessary documentation with you. We suggest you inform the agency immediately that you want to apply, as almost all agencies work on a first-come, first-served basis. This means that usually, the first applicants are the ones considered for the flat.

Is your city expensive?

Barcelona is one of the most sought-after destinations in Europe, and there is something for everyone. The Spanish city offers incredible quality services, transportation, accommodation, and local food at a much lower price than cities in Northern Europe.

International products, electronic devices, luxury goods, and supermarket prices are on par with what you would find in other Western European cities. Depending on your purchasing and saving habits, with your salary and performance-based bonuses, you can feel at ease in the city and enjoy an active lifestyle.

Here you can find a mix of everything. Savor delicious food in humble local eateries and go to a Michelin-starred restaurant for a once-in-a-lifetime dining experience. Travel conveniently through the city’s excellent and affordable transportation system. Shop for fresh vegetables, fruit, and organic food at your local market. There are also plenty of free activities you can enjoy outdoors – roller-skating or taking a stroll along the promenade by the sea will make you a true Barcelonan!

What is the impact of working in your country on my native country’s rights and obligations?

Before leaving your country, we recommend you check with your local authorities about your pension scheme and income tax system, especially if you’re not from an EU/EEA country or Switzerland. The same practice is recommended if you have student loans or other credit debts in your native country.

When you work in Portugal, Concentrix will pay all your taxes (deducted from your monthly salary), including mandatory health insurance, social security, and pension contribution. So, you will be eligible for the Portuguese government’s benefits.

If your country is part of the EU/EFTA, there are some bilateral agreements among states. If you decide to return to your native country, you may transfer your rights through your local administration. If your country is not part of the EU/EFTA, you will need to check with your embassy in Portugal about any existing agreements.

Please note that we do not disclose your salary or your contract agreement to any competent authority from your native country. If necessary, it will be your responsibility to declare your income or other earnings from abroad to your government.

What about the healthcare system? Who will pay if I need to go to the doctor or hospital?

Spain has an excellent and high-quality National Health System that is ranked as one of the best in the world. After 6 months of being officially employed or a resident in Spain, almost all medical services are free – except dental care. The network of hospitals and clinics is extensive, and each neighborhood has an assigned local medical center.

Health centers in Spain are well equipped with state-of-the-art technology and feature modern facilities. Some hospitals offer both private and public services, with the main difference being access to wider, quicker treatment and more physicians in the private sector. In such a case, make sure you specify which service you prefer.

Concentrix Spain offers all employees discounted private health and dental insurance. If you sign up for our plan, you will have access to private hospitals and clinics, as well as enjoy the advantage of faster appointment times and video consultations.

Your career in Spain

How do you support me in relocating to a new country?

This is one of the bravest decisions you’ll ever make, so we are here for you! Let us know what challenges you have in relocating to Spain, and we will find the most suited way to support you in getting here. Whether it is related to accommodation, transportation, storage, or any other aspect, your personal recruiter can talk you through the available options.

Don’t know what documents you need to work in Spain? No problem. We offer support to help you obtain the initial documents necessary to work. Settling in is easy and fast – all you need to do is go to the ID card (NIE) office, social security office, and a bank. We can even make the appointments for you through an expeditated service so you can get all the necessary working documents on the same day.

Concentrix Spain is a community that values diversity, and our game-changers come from many regions of the world. However, due to strict local regulations and laws, we need our employees to be eligible to work in Spain as EU/EFTA citizens or with a valid Spanish work permit.

What is included in my salary and benefits package?

Where do you want to take your career? We will match your skills, experience, and interests with our open positions and offer you the best possibility to grow with us. Your salary will be divided into 2 parts – a fixed base salary and a variable (bonus). In most cases, the variable will be linked to your personal or team’s performance.

Likewise, your salary package depends on the sector and type of role (customer service, technical support, sales), so please let us know which role you think suits you. Then we’ll review together what best adapts to your profile.

Regardless of your position, your salary will allow you to enjoy the lifestyle and activities that the country offers. We are actively collaborating with external shops, malls, and gyms, among others, to enhance your experience in the city. We do our best to help you travel, stay in good health, and socialize with other adventurous game-changers.

I have no experience in this area. Is that an issue? Do you have a training plan?

Your life experience and personality can contribute to your new career more than you think! Indeed, customer service excellence is what makes Concentrix stand out from competitors. It’s why some of the greatest brands in the world choose to work with us and put their customers in our care. But your previous experience – vocational, academic, internships, on the job – is already a great starting point.

You may live it up in Barcelona, travel to remote countryside places, or spend your summer weekends in Ibiza. But you will also develop exceptional skills that can be easily transferable to other areas of your life – be it in relationships with your partner, friends, and family, or in another job.

You will go through an extensive initial training plan, both about our company and the project you will work on. We also offer ongoing training to develop new skills or enforce existing ones. Conflict management, time management, communication, and technical skills are some of the more than 50 career programs that our Training Department provides – so, 50+ opportunities for you to grow with us.

What is the company culture like at Concentrix?

Our company culture is in continuous evolution! We love our diversity above all, and everyone is welcome as they are – that is our mindset! Here in Spain, we’re dynamic, cosmopolitan, and we find reasons to enjoy every day.

Once you join us, you’ll see that socializing, keeping in good health, and developing team spirit is our way of life. You can take part in after-work activities such as ski weekends (yes, Spain has award-winning ski resorts, too), sports, charity events, and many more.

We have global health initiatives that promote health and well-being within the company. And this truly resonates with our game-changers from Barcelona. We like to keep active, stay in shape, and play sports. Football is quite a big deal here. But you already knew that.

In our Barcelona offices, you can enroll in yoga classes, Jujitsu, a biking club, and a smoking cessation group, among others. And you never know… you might even end up being an influencer as well.

What is the working time at Concentrix? How many paid holidays do I have?

If you are contemplating moving to Spain, we know that you’ve already put together a long list of activities and experiences you want to try out. We don’t blame you – this country has so much to offer!

During your full-time employment at Concentrix Spain, you will work 39 hours a week. This is lower than the 40-hour/week average in Spain. Paid annual leave is 23 days, and you will enjoy roughly 14 days more of public/bank holidays per year. This gives you plenty of time to visit any beach you like, explore the stunning architecture, discover a hidden street full of shops or hang out with other cosmopolitan people.

We do our best to ensure a work-life balance for all our game-changers so that they can enjoy quality time with their friends and family. Spanish people take their holidays seriously – especially in August!

What could this job bring to my personal growth and my career?

Explore your passion for traveling while discovering new places and meeting like-minded people! This job is what you make of it – maybe you’d like to spend a few years country-hopping, getting international experience, or just getting a fresh start.

Understanding other cultures and customs, learning a new language, and interacting with other expats will help you grow both as a professional and a person. We also spend time sharing our real-life stories – so you’ll get to know people with amazing backgrounds!

You stand a genuine opportunity for growth in our company as we average around 200 promotions in a year. Through our more than 70 projects, you can choose from different career paths, whether you are interested in quality, management, finance, workforce management, or a staff role. You’ll get to discover the backstage processes of some of the most valuable companies in the world.

Come for 12 months, stay for 2 years, and love it here even longer! We are sure you’ll want to grow with us, whether in Spain or in another country where Concentrix is present. Regardless of where your dream takes you, we’ll always keep in touch on Instagram!

What is expected of me on the job?

Regarding your job, it will very much depend on your role. We have a whole panel of different shifts. You could work either the traditional Monday-to-Friday shift, a night shift, continuous morning shifts, or a weekend schedule. One thing is carved in stone – you will work 5 days a week, so you can make the most of your 2 days off!

Our employees who work weekend shifts enjoy having days off during the week. They get to spend time with their friends or families, go to the beach and avoid the weekend crowds. We will strive to consider your needs, as it is important for us to match you with the work that fits you. We do our best to help you find the right work-life balance.

And there’s one more thing! As we provide services to our clients’ end-users and partners through phone, chat, and email, it’s important to show them they can trust us to handle their confidential data. At Concentrix, regardless of your position, you will be fully trained to become GDPR compliant. We’ll teach you everything about our security procedures and best practices during your training.

What is your HR policy? Are there any career opportunities?

Concentrix is a people-first company! And an equal-opportunity employer who values and encourages diversity in the workplace. Our HR policies focus on respecting each other, appreciation towards results, working as one united team, and learning new skills.

Advancing your career doesn’t necessarily come with seniority or after many years within the company. We know we operate in a fast-changing and dynamic industry. As such, if you’re committed, and passionate about your work and enroll in our development programs, you can easily fast-track your career.

We love to help you grow! More than 80% of promotions in the company are internal, and we are proud of this practice. You will always have priority in internal selection processes as an employee.

If you choose to stay with us in Spain, through our career development programs, you’ll also benefit from internal mobility – you can switch between projects and even departments. Our clients come from a wide range of industries, including tech, fashion, entertainment, travel, pharma, hospitality, transport, and many more you can try and experience.

Your adventure in Spain

Could you give me 5 reasons to live in your city?

OK. Here’s a short listicle:

1. Walkable city. Barcelona’s infrastructure was specifically built in a way to bring people together. Our public transportation is modern, but there’s nothing as refreshing as a great walk or exploring the city through our environment-friendly bike share service.
2. The beaches within the city limits and beyond, each one with a distinct personality. You are spoiled for choice – from a 4-km pristine coastline in Barcelona to Caribbean-style sandy beaches in the Balearic Islands, just a 30-minute flight away.
3. Our authentic cuisine. Tapas, paella, crema Catalana, mar i muntanya – they taste delicious no matter where you serve them. Enjoy great food on the seafront, in hidden gems, and even at your friends’ homes.
4. People from all walks of life, that famous football club, world-class museums, wild fiestas and carnivals, fashion shows, and concerts by famous artists. All these are part of Barcelona’s identity. And let’s not forget about the festivals and nightlife.
5. Weather. Along with Lisbon and Valletta, Barcelona is ranked as having the best climate of any city in Europe. We enjoy more than 2,500 hours of sunshine a year!

What are the 5 best things to do, see or experience in your city?

Ready for another short listicle? Here we go:

1. Antoni Gaudí’s paradise architecture. His spectacular works, such as La Sagrada Familia, Parc Güell, La Pedrera, and Casa Batlló, are a feast for the eyes and soul. The entire city feels like his artwork.
2. Beach culture. Water sports, ball games on the beach, professional swimming, or just chilling on the soft sands are a great part of our city culture.
3. Sports and football. Even if you’re not a fan of FC Barcelona or not a football fan at all, you’ll still find a sport that meets your fitness goals and entertainment appetite.
4. Enchanting landmarks. Explore the streets around La Rambla, wander through the Gothic Quarter, or shop till you drop on Passeig de Gràcia. After about a month, when you’re done feeling like a tourist, you’ll keep adding little-known places and experiences to your list. We can’t wait for you to share them with us.
5. Outdoor activities. Barcelona is not just about sandy beaches, contemporary architecture, and famous nightlife. We love to get outdoorsy too – from hiking to cycling in nature and from kitesurfing to paragliding, our city offers it all.