Supervisor de Operaciones Walmart - abril 2024

Managua, Nicaragua


SD Supervisor’s role is to oversee the entire Service Desk staff and ensure that end users are receiving the appropriate assistance. This includes the responsibility of managing all procedures related to the identification, prioritization, and resolution of end service desk requests, including the monitoring, tracking, and coordination of service desk functions through a ticketing tool. The role of a Technology Service Desk Supervisor involves assisting in the management and supervision of the service desk team to ensure the effective delivery of IT support services.  


Operational Management

§  - Manage the processing of incoming calls to the Service Desk via different channels to ensure , and effective resolution of end user issues.

§  - Monitoring requests queue

§  -Assist in tracking and analyzing key performance indicators (KPIs) and service desk metrics to measure team performance and identify areas for improvement. Prepare regular reports and updates for management review.

§  - Ok, Support and coaches team members on effective methods to research, troubleshoot, and deliver solutions.

§  -Ensures the latest product/technical updates and policies are available and communicated to the team.

§  - Ensures that customer service and communication with customers is a priority

§  - Schedules and provides guidance to the Service Desk staff

§  - Team Supervision.

§  - Escalation Management, assist in managing escalations of complex or high-priority issues, ensuring timely resolution and effective communication with stakeholders, including customers and other IT teams.

§  - Stay Updated on Technology Trends, stay informed about emerging technologies, IT industry trends, and best practices in IT service management to continuously improve service desk operations and stay ahead of evolving user needs.

§  - Cross-Functional Collaboration, collaborate with other IT teams, such as network operations, systems administration, and application support, to ensure seamless coordination and resolution of IT-related issues impacting users.





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