Live your career in Greece!

Say hi to your new lifestyle

Greece can be your adventure playground. Live freely every moment à la Mamma Mia! Learn to dance the day and night away like Zorba the Greek. Put on your Indiana Jones boots and explore millennia-old ruins. Go island-hopping. Gaze at the sunset with someone special in Santorini and party with famous DJs in Mykonos.

Food and drinks

  • Combo meal in a fast-food restaurant €7
  • Lunchtime menu with a drink €12
  • 3-course meal in a mid-range restaurant €40
  • Bottle of traditional Greek ouzo €7

Monthly expenses

  • Utility bills for a 1-bedroom apartment €196
  • 4G mobile phone plan €35
  • High-speed Internet (<940 Mbps) €31
  • Chain store clothing item €31

City transport

  • One-way ticket (public means) €1.20
  • Monthly pass (public means) €30
  • Taxi (tariff per 1km) €1
  • Gasoline (1 liter) €2.13

Sports and leisure

  • Cinema ticket €8
  • Monthly gym membership €42
  • Escape room session/person €25
  • Cocktail drink in a downtown club €12

Working in Greece

Although they spend more time at the office than their European counterparts, Greeks are very satisfied with their health thanks to the Mediterranean cuisine, climate and lifestyle. Employees work, on average, 42 hours a week, and extra hours are paid at 120%-160% of the regular salary, depending on the employer and industry.

Greece has a Southern European-style work culture focused on performance and a strong sense of community. Attitudes are professional, but people are warm, lively, and welcoming.

Your life in Greece

I have some concerns about moving to a new country I don’t know. What is the experience like?

We understand how you feel. We have welcomed other expats like you, and they shared their experiences with us. Greece is a multicultural country with people from many corners of the world. The great year-round climate, warm-hearted locals, healthy cuisine, and the possibility to travel around the country with other like-minded fellows will make this a memorable experience for you.

Greece has a good and stable internet connection. That means you can easily keep in touch with your family and friends from your country if you ever feel homesick. There are also Facebook groups and organized expat events where you can mingle with other foreigners and even people from your own country of origin.

After the adjustment period, living in Greece feels like being on holiday every day. And you just happen to work as well. With an attractive salary at Concentrix, you can have a comfortable lifestyle, travel within Greece or other places in Europe, and stay active all the time. And have we already mentioned the fast career progression opportunities?

Is it difficult and expensive to find a flat in the city?

We are fully committed to supporting you in this process. That is why we cover your accommodation in a hotel or Airbnb for the first 2 weeks and the flight ticket from your country to Greece.

Finding a nice place to live in Athens doesn’t take long, and it is affordable by European standards. For example, a 1-bedroom apartment in the city center is just €397/month, and sharing a 2-bedroom flat will set you back €250-300/month.

We recommend you share a flat initially because you can save money. Likewise, you will meet interesting people and enjoy an authentic experience. Remember that you usually must pay a deposit and a 1- or 2-month advance when renting a studio or a flat.

Athens is a vibrant but geographically small capital compared to cities like Berlin, Paris, or Madrid. So, if you prefer to live 20-30 minutes away from the hustle and bustle, you can have your own modern studio outside the city center for just €333/month.

At your request, we can provide you with assistance and more information when searching for housing in Athens.

Is your city expensive?

Athens has a low to medium cost of living, with services and rent cheaper than in other major Southern European capitals. There are some expensive areas developed specifically for tourists, and luxury shopping as well as high-end restaurants. But most of the capital is affordable, with lip-smacking food in authentic tavernas, free access to world-class beaches, and even some museums.

Depending on your purchasing and saving habits, you can indulge in various activities and hobbies. Expats living in Greece state that they are more active and have had a more fulfilling career since they moved here. Statistics and studies have shown that a salary over €1,000/month for a young adult in Greece is the psychological threshold for a fulfilled career.

As you’ll earn double the average Greek salary, you will settle into a comfortable life and will be able to travel more frequently.

What is the impact of working in your country on my native country’s rights and obligations?

Before leaving your country, we recommend you check with your local authorities about your pension scheme and income tax system, especially if you’re not from an EU/EEA country or Switzerland. The same practice is recommended if you have student loans or other credit debts in your native country.

When you work in Greece, Concentrix will pay all your taxes (deducted from your monthly salary), including mandatory health insurance, social security, and pension contribution. So, you will be eligible for the Greek government’s benefits.

If your country is part of the EU/EFTA, some bilateral agreements exist among states. Therefore, if you decide to return to your native country, you may transfer your rights through your local administration. If your country is not part of the EU/EFTA, you will need to check with your embassy in Greece about any existing agreements.

Please note that we do not disclose your salary or contract agreement to any competent authority from your native country. If necessary, it will be your responsibility to declare your income or other earnings from abroad to your government.

What about the healthcare system? Who will pay if I need to go to the doctor or hospital?

Greece has a modern National Health System that any citizen from an EU/EFTA country can access for free if they are taxpaying residents or officially employed. Public healthcare is reliable and covers a wide range of medical procedures.

Generally, through private healthcare, you can access better waiting times, newer facilities, and doctors who speak good English. Many private health centers and clinics are affiliated with US hospitals and many doctors completed their studies and training overseas.

At Concentrix Greece, private healthcare is part of your benefits package. So, any visit to the doctor or hospital is covered by your insurance provider. You just need to pay for the service first and keep the receipt to be reimbursed. That means you give us the receipt, and the insurance company will return that amount to you.

Your career in Greece

How do you support me in relocating to a new country?

This is one of the bravest decisions you’ll ever make, so we are here for you! Let us know what challenges you have in relocating to Greece, and we will find the best way to support you in getting here. We will pay for your flight ticket (one way) from your country to Athens, your taxi from the airport to the hotel and we also cover your 2-week accommodation until you move to a permanent place.

Don’t know what documents you need to work in Greece? No problem. We offer support to help you obtain the initial documents necessary to work. Settling in is easy and fast. Regardless of your nationality, we will help you secure the social security card known in Greece as AMKA and open a bank account.

Concentrix Greece is a community that values diversity, and our game-changers come from many regions. However, due to strict local regulations and laws, we need our employees to be eligible to work in Greece as EU/EFTA citizens or with a valid Greek work permit.

What is included in my salary and benefits package?

Where do you want to take your career? We will match your skills, experience, and interests with our open positions and offer you the best possibility to grow with us. Your salary will be divided into 2 parts – a fixed base salary and a variable (bonus). In most cases, the variable will be linked to your personal or team’s performance.

Likewise, your salary package depends on the sector and type of role (customer service, technical support, sales), so please let us know which role suits you. We’ll review together what best adapts to your profile.

With over €1,000/month in Athens, you can maintain an excellent standard of living. This amount would allow you to enjoy 3-day trips to Santorini – consistently ranked among the top 10 islands in the world – dine out with friends, rent a spacious room or studio, go clubbing, and indulge in some well-deserved shopping sprees.

I have no experience in this area. Is that an issue? Do you have a training plan?

Your life experience and personality can contribute to your new career more than you think! Indeed, customer service excellence is what makes Concentrix stand out from competitors. It’s why some of the greatest brands in the world choose to work with us and put their customers in our care. But your previous experience – vocational, academic, internships, on the job – is already a great starting point.

Some projects may require specific skills in sales or technical support. However, we are genuinely looking for your professional attitude, friendly personality, and positive energy. You will develop exceptional skills that can be easily transferable to other areas of your life – whether in the relationships with your partner, friends and family or in another job.

Every project has a paid training period of 2 to 4 weeks. You will learn how to deliver superb customer service and we’ll equip you with everything you need to know about the project. Apart from this, we have continuous development programs and career path sessions to help you determine in what role you’d like to continue with us in the long term.

What is the company culture like at Concentrix?

Our company culture is in continuous evolution! We love our diversity above all; everyone is welcome as they are – that is our mindset! Here in Greece, we’re dynamic, fun, and we find reasons to enjoy every day.

We frequently organize internal and external events both virtual and physical to allow existing and future employees to socialize. As there are many nationalities within the company, you’ll have the chance to learn fun trivia or interesting aspects about new cultures.

Greek people are also very friendly towards tourists and new residents. So, don’t be surprised if a local game-changer would like to show you around the city or tip you off on the best places to eat in Athens, which few people know about.

But an active social life is not all. We also treat you with a free gym area, Pilates and yoga classes plus massage sessions. Socializing events are organized both at the office and in cafeterias or bars in the city center. Our expat game-changers keep spreading the word – living in Athens feels like being on holiday every day. And you never know… you might even end up being an influencer as well.

What is the working time at Concentrix? How many paid holidays do I have?

If you contemplate moving to Greece, we know you already dream about your island getaways. Or some of the wildest parties in Europe. We don’t blame you – we like this lifestyle too!

During your full-time employment, you will work 8 hours a day, 5 days per week. That means 40 hours/week, which is lower than Greece’s 42-hour/week average. Paid annual leave is 20 days and you will enjoy roughly 7-8 days more of public/bank holidays per year. This is plenty of time for you to visit all the iconic places, islands and landmarks of Greece.

We do our best to ensure a work-life balance for all our game-changers so they can enjoy quality time with their friends and family. Or travel to Instagram-perfect destinations. Or dedicate more time to their hobbies and personal projects.

What could this job bring to my personal growth and my career?

Explore your passion for traveling while discovering new places and meeting like-minded people! This job is what you make of it – maybe you’d like to spend a few years country-hopping, getting international experience or just getting a fresh start.

Understanding other cultures and customs, doing business in a multicultural environment, and interacting with other expats will help you grow as a professional and a person. You stand an opportunity for fast career growth. And you’ll get to discover the backstage processes of some of the most valuable companies in the world.

Maybe you’re also at a point when you need to restart your career or reinvent yourself. You will improve your language and negotiation skills, communicate more efficiently and even learn Greek. Our language sounds just as pleasant as Spanish or Italian. Especially in our upbeat music.

Come for 12 months, stay for 2 years and love it here even longer! We are sure you’ll want to grow with us, whether in Greece or another country where Concentrix is present. Regardless of where your dream takes you, we’ll always keep in touch on Instagram!

What is expected of me on the job?

Our working environment is friendly, human-orientated, and very organized. We wouldn’t go as far as to call ourselves neat freaks, but most of our game-changers love a clean working space. By all means, you can add a splash of your personality to your office. Maybe a small vision board?

Flexibility is another quality we expect of our employees as they expect the same of us. We will do our best to match you with the right work for you, but you may also have a rotating schedule. One thing is carved in stone – you will work 5 days a week, to make the most of your 2 days off!

And there’s one more thing! As we provide services to our clients’ end-users and partners through phone, chat and email, it’s important to show them they can trust us to handle their confidential data. Regardless of your position, you will be fully trained to become GDPR compliant. We’ll teach you everything about our security procedures and best practices during your training.

What is your HR policy? Are there any career opportunities?

Concentrix is a people-first company! And an equal-opportunity employer who values and encourages diversity in the workplace. Our HR policies focus on respecting each other, appreciation towards results, working as one united team, and learning new skills.

Advancing your career doesn’t necessarily come with seniority or after many years within the company. We know we operate in a fast-changing and dynamic industry. As such, if you’re committed, passionate about your work, and enroll in our development programs, you can easily fast-track your career.

Almost monthly, through the Concentrix Internal Mobility Program, you are presented with the opportunity to switch between projects and achieve a higher position (e.g. team leader, supervisor, etc.). On average, there are more than 5 opportunities every month for a team leader or supervisor position.

Our clients come from a various industries, including tech, fashion, entertainment, travel, pharma, hospitality, transport, and many more. So, you may choose to specialize in a specific industry or try out different companies.

Your adventure in Greece

Could you give me 5 reasons to live in your city?

OK. Here’s a short listicle:

1. With more than 2,800 hours of clear skies per year, Athens is the third sunniest capital in the EU (after Nicosia and Valletta). That’s plenty of daily vitamin D and positive energy.

2. You’ve probably watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding or Mamma Mia! Not all of us have Greek statues in our homes and offices, but we are all family-orientated, and we love lively communities and interacting with foreigners.

3. We have one of the highest life expectancies in Europe. We like to think that’s because our hearts are filled with joy. But it’s our world-famous Mediterranean Greek cuisine. And that high dose of vitamin D, too.

4. Hollywood celebrities flock to our little island of Mykonos to party till dawn. But the real deal is in Athens. With hundreds of choices for bars and nightclubs playing all genres of music, you feel the beat in every nook and cranny.

5. Athens is an ideal hub if you want to travel to remote idyllic islands, off-the-beaten-track places in Greece and other European cities. And you’ll meet many other foreigners or game-changers who think and feel just like you.

What are the 5 best things to do, see or experience in your city?

Ready for another short listicle? Here we go:

1. Our tavernas will make you a real foodie. Sure, the famous souvlaki or moussaka washed down with a glass of ouzo or a Greek iced coffee is great. But you’ll also gorge on our saganaki specialties and delicious desserts.

2. Visit historical sites. At first, you’ll be fascinated with the famous Acropolis and Parthenon. And you’ll stroll along the chic streets of Plaka, Monastiraki, Thiseio and Gazi. But Athens has many other hidden gems for you to discover.

3. Get ready to Instagram. Aegina, Agkistri, Varkiza and other nearby beach paradises are a must for lazy days under the mighty Greek sun. From June until October, our sea has a perfect temperature for swimming.

4. Experience vibrant celebrations. The Greek carnival, the Easter feast with the delicious lamb, and the colourful Christmas decorations are certainly a reason to enjoy Greece every season.

5. Build a life with new friends or a partner. It’s no secret that many have visited Greece for holidays or work and stayed for good because they fell in love with the country or someone special.